Oilfield Chemicals

WSB supply a range of CEFAS-registered high-performance surfactants, manufactured by Sasol, which are used in the Oilfield industry. They can be used in both on and off-shore areas and meet the highest environmental standards (CEFAS Gold with no substitution warnings). These include Soloterra 971, Terravis K1-3, Terravis K2-9 with a variety of applications including surface and well cleaning. Other applications include de-watering of oil-based sludge and turbine cleaners.

WSB also supply an effective alternative to orange terpenes or d-limonene, Nacol Ether 6. This is a dihexyl ether that can be used as a 1:1 replacement orange terpenes in cleaning formulations. Nacol Ether 6 is also CEFAS Gold with no substitution notices, giving the freedom to use in off-shore areas.


oilfield chemicals