Lactic acid and derivatives

WSB are the distributor for Galactic products for cleaning and industrial applications in the UK.

Galactic are a Belgian company with manufacturing sites in Belgium and USA. They are revolutionizing the industrial sector with a range of sustainable and biodegradable bio-solvent alternative ingredients with different solvent powers, high flash points and slow evaporation rates. All their products are produced from natural ingredients (based on lactic acid and its derivatives) and are intended to replace part of the traditional petroleum-based solvents. The solutions are as effective as their traditional predecessors. This means, for example, you can help protect the environment by reducing VOC levels without having to compromise on performance.

The Galactic portfolio of products includes a wide range of functions including descaling, cleaning, pH regulation, degreasing and neutralisation.

Applications include:

  • bio-solvents for cleaning applications
  • removers of polymers and resins
  • additives for paints and inks
  • acidulants for leather and textile production
  • chelating agents for electroless plating
  • replacements for acetic, formic or citric acids