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Brexit Statement

Brexit Statement

17th November 2020

Dear Customer,

Below is a summary of the important points in relation to how we will operate following UK leaving the European Union customs and regulatory requirements on 1st January 2021 and how White Sea & Baltic Co Ltd (WSB) will change the way we operate.

Import of goods by WSB

  • WSB has appointed a clearing agent to enable us to import all goods paying duty and VAT on entry into Great Britain
  • We have an EORI number
  • All goods imported by WSB will be delivered to customers in GB using DDP Incoterms

Export of goods by WSB

  • All goods exported from the GB to the EU will be delivered on DAP Incoterms
  • Customers will have the ability to buy on an ex works/CIF/FCA Incoterms basis
  • It is the importers responsibility to ensure the relevant regulatory legislation is followed, e.g. EU REACH etc
  • If a product is already EU REACH registered the relevant EU REACH registration number will be included in the MSDS

GB REACH (Northern Ireland is not covered by GB REACH)

  • WSB plans to enter a Downstream User Import Notification for each product onto the GB REACH computer system following 1st January 2021
  • All our suppliers that have either confirmed or are in the process of confirming their support and will register the relevant product onto the system based on the structured timeframe/volume requirements of the UK Health & Safety Executive
  • Any customer that buys a product where the supplier will not be registering that product will be informed with sufficient time to allow them to look for alternatives

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact you usual sales or purchasing contact at WSB.

Yours Faithfully,

Alan Carradice
Managing Director